Sports have always been looked like a bad thing by parents as they have still focused on their kid’s studies. But don’t get mistaken as sports are something that brings the real person out from your kid.

Sports have been known to do overall development of your kid.

In a sports field, you see the art to win, lose, learn from the loss and then succeed. You get all the lessons in a short duration which life may not give you that easily.

Always push your kid to try out sports of whatever he knows. We will bring out the talent he possesses in the game he loves. If they are right in cricket, then we will work on that, or if they are interested in football, basketball or volleyball, then we will help them learn it.

The basic of DKBHAI is to make them learn some harsh lessons along with getting best trained in a particular sport from where they can go further. The sportsmen spirit gained on the ground is something worth learning. It builds your character, personality and gives you a positive attitude. When you go further in your game, then you have the chance to try out at state and national levels that may give you a career as well.