About DK Bhai

DKBHAI.com is a platform that encourages our kids to show their talent in cultural, extracurricular and sporting events. The institute was founded in the year 2017 to boost the morale of young kids in different areas apart from core education. For a child to evolve ultimately, it is essential that he should be brought up from all spheres instead of only education.

Focusing on the Hidden Talent of Kids:

Many of kids do not do well in studies and are often scolded and criticized by their parents. It usually makes them reluctant in trying out something different. They also become depressed, and a lack of confidence can easily be seen on their faces. We at DKBHAI.com work on the kids in bringing out their hidden talent. Many kids who aren’t that good in studies have done quite well in extracurricular activities.

We aim to boost the confidence of kids in fields like music, singing, dancing, acting, comedy, sports, arts, etc. we have talented and caring faculties who work for the overall development of kids. We focus on every child and find out the hidden talent. When a kid is good in these fields, then he feels a sense of fulfillment which pushes him to try out things that he once felt was impossible.

How we do it:

  • We aim to make your kid realize his/her hidden talent.
  • We believe in boosting the kid’s ability.
  • We let him/her do what he/she finds comfortable doing.
  • If the kids see their interest in singing, dancing or acting, then we help them in doing so.
  • We focus on making them the best in at least one or two activities whatever they find interesting.
  • We also focus on their personality development, smartness, activeness, and attitude.

With this much caring, we feel that your kid will be an extra mile ahead of his/her peers. We don’t want to force anything on them but just be their friend and help them discover the world differently. We may not make them the number one boy/girl in their class but indeed a confident, mature and smart kid.